Perth Budokan Academy - Dojo Training Fees and Schedule

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Southern River College: Sensei


Iaido and Jodo beginners course commencing Monday March 8th, 2021.

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Ramon Lawrence - 7th Dan Renshi

Russell Lawrence - 6th Dan Renshi

Jeri James - 6th Dan Renshi

Jerry Yee - 5th Dan

Peter Woolmer - 5th Dan

Peter Carr - 4th Dan

Ben van Deijl - 3rd Dan

Trevor Overton - 3rd Dan

Wai Li - 3rd Dan


Russell Lawrence - 6th Dan Renshi

Ramon Lawrence - 6th Dan Renshi

Peter Woolmer - 5th Dan

Peter Carr - 4th Dan

Luke Tressler - 3rd Dan

Thierry Baxy - 3rd Dan

Membership Fees

All students are required to become a financial member of the

West Australian Kendo Renmei

The current WAKR annual membership fees are:

Adults: $90

Juniors: $50 (under 18 years of age)

The membership year is 1st July- 30th June


Training Fees


One training fee covers all classes, regardless of how many arts you do.


Three main options are available:



Adults: $70

Juniors: $50


Starting Jan, Apr, Jul, or Oct

Adults: $200

Juniors: $140


Seniors only: $770

A forth option, a casual fee of $17 per session, is available for students who cannot
attend regular training sessions due to shift work, FIFO etc.

Southern River College: Training Schedule


Each class is considered a separate training session for casual fees



1830-2000 Jodo

2000-2100 Iaido

2100-2130 Tamyia Ryu


1830-2000 Iaido

2000-2100 Jodo