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Perth Budokan Academy - Perth Dojos, Training Fees and Schedule

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Perth Dojos


We take new students in Iaido and Jodo as, and when they decide to join.

Please use the contact form above for more details.

Current Dojo Dan Grades


Ramon Lawrence OAM - 7th Dan Renshi

Russell Lawrence - 7th Dan Renshi

Jeri James - 6th Dan Renshi

Jerry Yee - 5th Dan

Peter Woolmer - 5th Dan

Peter Carr - 5th Dan

Ben van Deijl - 4th Dan

Peter Hunt - 4th Dan

Wai Li - 4th Dan

Neville Browning OAM - 4th Dan

Vincent Sia - 4th Dan

Rebecca Stephens - 3rd Dan

Hadiyah Stephens - 3rd Dan

Jason Flockton - 3rd Dan


Russell Lawrence - 6th Dan Renshi

Ramon Lawrence OAM - 6th Dan Renshi

Peter Woolmer - 5th Dan

Peter Carr - 4th Dan

Rebecca Stephens - 3rd Dan

Hadiyah Stephens - 3rd Dan

Membership Fees

All students are required to become a financial member of the

West Australian Kendo Renmei

Please see the above site for the membership form, etc

Training Fees


One training fee covers all classes at both dojos

We have 3 standard options available:



Adults: $70

Juniors: $50 (under 18 years of age)


Starting Jan, Apr, Jul, or Oct

Adults: $200

Juniors: $140


Seniors only: $770

Southern River College: Training Schedule

71 Southern River Rd, Gosnells


Jodo; 1900-2030

Iaido: 1900-2300


Iaido: 1900-2030

Osborne Park: Training Schedule

1 (Unit 6) Roberts St West, Osborne Park


Iaido: 1100-1230

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