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Budokan Academy Dojo History

We started out as Shogun Sports back in 1982, teaching Jishukan Ryu Jujitsu (JKA) - an art consisting of Jujitsu, Kempo and Jojitsu - at HMAS Leeuwin in Freemantle.  At that time, Ramon Lawrence was 1st Lieutenant of the base.

In 1984, Ramon built a dojo at his (then) home in Willetton, and we moved the Jishukan club to that venue.


In September 1986, in conjunction with Mike Parsonage, we started Kendo, and founded the West Australian Kendo Renmei (WAKR), as an affiliate of the Australian Kendo Renmei (AKR).

Matsushima Sensei and Ramon, 1989 Kendo

Matsushima Sensei and Ramon, 1989 Kendo

In 1987, Ramon built a new, dedicated dojo, home and Japanese Gardens, on an 8.75 acre parcel of land in Canning Vale.  We moved both the Jishukan and Kendo clubs to that venue on the 17th January, 1988 - and Budokan Academy was born!  Eventually, we also built a Function Center (1996) and Restaurant (2004), and the property became known as Willow Pond, with Budokan Academy using the Willow Room as the dojo.

Tadatoshi Haga Sensei

Tadatoshi Haga Sensei, Ramon's first Iaido Sensei

In 1988, we added Zen Ken Ren Iaido as part of the WAKR, becoming the founding WAKR Iaido dojo in Western Australia.

In 1992, with Derek Woodhouse, we added Shinto Muso Ryu Jodo to our training schedule.

In 1996, Muso Shinden Ryu Iaido was introduced.

Also in 1996, we transitioned our Jodo class to Zen Ken Ren Jodo, and the club became part of the WAKR, again as the founding WAKR Jodo dojo in Western Australia.

Shyiia Sensei - Hanshi Jodo

Shyiia Sensei, Russsell's Jodo Sensei

In 2003, we commenced teaching Tamiya Ryu Iaijitsu - which is only taught to Iaido students who are Sandan (3rd Dan) and above.  Muso Shinden Ryu Iaido was discontinued.

In 2006, training in Jishukan was also discontinued, and the club moved to Tuart Hill under the guidance of Victor Stuart, Perth Martial Arts Academy.

In 2011, an informal Kyudo group was started, and founded the West Australian Kyudo Association (WAKA) in 2013.  A dedicated range was built at the rear of the gardens at Willow Pond.

Kusama Sensei - Hanshi Jodo

Kusama Sensei, Ramon's Iaido Sensei

Our Current Dojo

With the sale of Willow Pond mid 2020, we lost our dedicated dojo.  This resulted in the Kendo club being disbanded, and its members transferring to other WAKR Kendo clubs.  Kyudo also needed to find new suitable venues to shoot at (please see their website for current venues).

In July, 2020, both the Iaido and Jodo clubs moved to a new venue, located at the Southern River College.

Students are required to attend training regularly, and expected to exercise a strong code of ethics, etiquette and self-discipline.  Footwear is required to be worn to and from the dojo at all times.


We encourage our members to train in both Iaido and Jodo, but this is not mandatory.

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