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Jeri James -  Iaido Renshi

I started Iaido and Jodo in 1995 at the Budokan Academy. and attended my first National Championships in 1996 at Bankstown, NSW.

I have since attended every National Jodo and Iaido Seminar and Championships since 1996.


Graded to Shodan in Perth, 1998

Graded to Nidan in Perth, 1999

Graded to Sandan in Perth, 2001

Graded to Yondan in Melbourne, 2004

Graded to Godan in Tellbudgera, 2008

Graded to Rokudan in Wakayama, Japan, 2018

Awarded Iaido Renshi November 2019


Graded to Shodan in Hobart, 2002

Graded to Nidan in Tellbudgera, 2003

Graded to Sandan in Perth, 2010


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